Perform with Cool Vitality® -The COOL change you’ve been waiting for

Forget what you thought you knew about horse mueslis. Mitavite® has changed the rulebook with Cool Vitality -It’s a highly palatable muesli that’s low starch, high fibre, highly nutritious and contains no oats or corn.

Cool Vitality is a new generation of horse muesli that provides horses with cool energy, conditioning and natural goodness.


The key advantages of Cool Vitality

  • Quality protein sources
  • Safe, controlled energy
  • Digestive care
  • Bone density support

Horses that thrive on Cool Vitality

The natural goodness of Cool Vitality makes it ideal for a range of horses. If they have a job to do, they can do it well with Cool Vitality.

  • Low to Medium work horses such as pony club or adult riding, western or showhorses.
  • Working horses that perform sustained, low-mid intensity work (e.g. endurance, stock, station work etc)
  • Off the track Thoroughbreds that need to retain condition whilst delivering a low to medium workload.
  • Spelled horses that require feed to maintain condition.
Cool Vitality lifestyle horse feed

Quality ingredients. No junk food

At Mitavite® we’ve gone to great lengths to ensure every ingredient in Cool Vitality is the high standard we’re renowned for. There’s no short-cuts, no cheap fillers -Simply no compromise on quality! A guaranteed formula.

The advantage of quality protein sources

Cool Vitality contains micronized Lupins, which are naturally high in protein. The addition of lucerne also provides a highly nutritious fibre and protein source. Cool Vitality’s rich blend of amino acid sources includes micronized lupins, sunflower seeds, lupin hulls and lucerne. A strong amino acid blend is the foundation of a healthy topline.

Benefits of safe, controlled energy

Cool Vitality provides safe, controlled energy via the inclusion of micronized grains, fats and fibres. Fat derived from Rice Bran Oil and Sunflower Seeds provides energy for cool conditioning. When this is combined with the variety of fibre sources in Cool Vitality (including super fibres) it creates a complete, highly digestible, controlled energy blend.

The Advantage of Micronizing

Micronizing is a patented form of feed processing that allows for maximum feed safety and efficiency. Barley that has been micronized allows starch digestion to effectively occur in the small intestine. This improves feed efficiency and reduces the burden on the hind gut. What this means for the horse is a reduced risk of diet triggered issues such as colic, acidosis, laminitis, loss of appetite, poor hoof quality, dull coat, nervousness, fatigue and reduced performance.

By micronizing the lupins in Cool Vitality we have eliminated trypsin inhibitors, thereby improving the efficiency of amino acid uptake.

Healthy fats to add condition safely

Cool Vitality boasts the inclusion of Rice Bran Oil which not only provides additional cool energy and conditioning but also the benefits of gamma oryzanol. This may further enhance the muscle to fat ratio and provides an added source of antioxidants.

High fibre for gut care

Cool Vitality has a high fibre content of 15.2%, which provides an excellent energy source. Energy from fibre (vs sugars) is more digestible and decreases the risk of digestive issues. Cool Vitality’s attention to gut health is further enhanced by the inclusion of ‘Superfibres’ that provide cool conditioning without the starch burden.

Packed with benefits: Bonafide®, Vitamin E, prebiotics and probiotics

We’ve delivered on your wishlist of beneficial ingredients.


Supports bone density. Bonafide® contains Quinaquanone®, a patented, water soluble and bioavailable form of Vitamin K1 and K2.
Natural Vitamin E

This powerful vitamin supports the immune system, nervous system and muscle integrity. Cool Vitality provides a rich source of highly bioavailable natural Vitamin E.
Prebiotics & prebiotics

We’re serious about gut health and have ensured Cool Vitality has prebiotics to promote the growth of beneficial microorganisms in the gut, as well as probiotics (Live Yeast Saccharomyces cerevisiae) to enhance fibre fermentation and stabilise the microbiome.  

Compare and see for yourself

Compare how Mitavite® Cool Vitality stands up to your current feed. We’re confident that Cool Vitality’s nutritional profile will impress. What’s more, Cool Vitality is a tasty muesli that appeals to even fussy eaters.

Mitavite® is here to help

We welcome you to reach out and speak directly with our nutrition experts.

Whether you’re after a word of advice, or a full diet analysis, call us today on (03) 5943 2255. Mitavite’s expertise makes all the difference.