Do you know why Sweet Lupins are a popular horse feed ingredient?

Most horse owners are familiar with oats, barley and corn. But you may be less familiar with lupins. What are they exactly? Are they “filler?” What are the benefits of lupins?

Lupins, or more specifically the Australian Sweet Lupin, offer a highly nutritious source of protein and amino acids. Unlike cereal grains such as oats, barley or corn, lupins are also extremely low in starch and high in fibre and so offer a healthy alternative to horse owners wanting to support muscle repair and definition without the ‘heat’ or ‘fizz’ associated with cereals.

Sweet Lupins horse feed

Lupins are high in protein

Protein is required by all living tissue and is found in muscles, hair, enzymes, body organs and hooves (to name but a few!) Lupins provide an excellent source of protein with a protein concentration of 34%. Not only that, but the protein in lupins is considered “high quality” and a rich source of essential amino acids. Furthermore and unlike protein sources such as Soy, Lupins are GMO free offering additional peace of mind for many horse owners.

Lupins are high in fibre

Not all fibre sources are created equal. The good news is that lupins contain more of the “highly digestible” fibre and less of the “indigestible fibre.” Highly digestible fibre promotes a healthy digestive system whilst also contributing to energy and conditioning.

Steam extruded lupins
(Pictured above: Steam extruded lupins)



  • Excellent natural source of protein & fibre
  • Steam Extruded, which breaks down proteins & starches to increase digestibility in the small intestine to over 90%

Mitavite Sweet Lupins Extruded

Need help to decide if lupins are right for your horse?

Deciding what and how much to include in your horses diet can be challenging to say the least. The nutrition advisors at Nutrikey are all horse owners themselves and enjoy nothing more than assisting fellow horse owners with their nutritional enquiries. Reach out to Nutrikey today for friendly, professional diet advice. Visit or book online.