Have you heard the word about Allcare™?

Everyone loves an easy keeper! But it can be a real challenge to ensure they get the vitamins and minerals they need when just eating pasture or small rations. We’ve come up with the perfect solution -Allcare™. It ticks all the boxes for meeting the most common nutritional shortfalls as well as the added benefits of a mycotoxin binder and Bonafide® to assist bone density.

The power of Allcare™

  • Full vitamin and mineral supplementation from 50g per day.
  • Highly palatable pelletised form.
  • Added Biotin for hoof wall strength.
  • High in Vitamin E.
  • Includes Mycotoxin binder.
  • Includes Pre and Probiotics.
  • Added Bonafide® for bone density and repair.


 Horses that may benefit from Allcare™

  • Easy keeping ponies and horses requiring nutrients without the calories.
  • Horses fed on a pasture only diet.
  • Horses and ponies prone to laminitis, EMS or Cushings disease.
  • Any horse requiring an additional complete supplement package.

(Note: Do not feed to pregnant mares. This product contains Fenugreek, which may cause uterine stimulation in pregnant mares.)



Allcare™ is a complete and balanced vitamin and mineral supplement, designed to meet your horse's daily nutritional requirements alongside a roughage only diet.

To pack an even bigger punch, we’ve included a Mycotoxin binder in Allcare™. This helps bind Mycotoxins in the digestive system that may have been ingested via pasture/hay/other feedstuffs. Mycotoxin binders have proven particularly effective for grazing horses. You are nurturing a happier, healthier horse by preventing Mycotoxins from being absorbed in the first place.

Allcare™ doesn’t stop there. Prebiotics and probiotics are also included in the Allcare™ formula as digestive aids. This helps promote digestion and support the health of the hindgut.

The inclusion of Bonafide® protects and strengthens bone density, helping your horse to continue to perform well into advanced years. Bonafide® is an exclusive Vitamin K1 and K2 supplement that has been proven in trials to support bone density.

With Allcare™ being a true allrounder, you can simplify your feed room -Use 1 product to do the work of 4 or more! Allcare™ is a powerful supplement that recognizes the dietary needs and shortfalls of Australian horses and ponies. Try Allcare™ today -Our nutrition team are confident that you’ll notice the difference.

What horses benefit from Allcare™?

It’s in the name -Allcare™ makes a good match for ALL horses and ponies. It can be mixed into your horse’s daily ration, or simply fed by itself, which makes it particularly useful for horses that are on restricted diets.

(Note: Do not feed to pregnant mares. This product contains Fenugreek, which may cause uterine stimulation in pregnant mares.)

Buy Allcare online

Buying Allcare™ vitamins and minerals for your horse

Allcare™ is available in a handy 1.5kg pouch, which supplies a pony for 30 days. A 6kg bucket is also available, plus an 18kg bulk bucket. Click here to order online.

Need help with your horse’s vitamins and minerals?

Our nutrition team welcomes you to reach out and get in touch. We’re passionate about simplifying nutrition for horse owners. Claim your horse’s personalised diet plan - it’s a completely free service! Visit nutrikey.com.au for details.

Allcare for all horses