Elite Frozen Foals

Elite Frozen Foals - Jane Bartram

Jane has been breeding and showing horses for longer than she wishes to admit.  Getting mares pregnant and breeding foals is relatively easy she says, but the nutrition required to ensure the growing foetus has adequate vitamins and minerals requires careful planning.

"It is pointless creating the perfect mating if issues such as OCD, tendon contracture, and skeletal development aren’t considered during the gestation period."  This is where Jane relies on Promita, Bonafide and Sporthorse to ensure her foals are given every chance to develop to their full potential.

Elite Frozen Foal's mare supplementary nutrition program begins in the third trimester of pregnancy.  All of the pregnant mares receive a small daily feed containing Mitavite Promita, Bonafide and Sporthorse, with a small amount of oaten and lucerne chaff.  Jane says it is critical to ensure the developing cartilage of the foetus is encouraged to begin ossification and calcification as early as possible to minimise the likelihood of developing OCD lesions.

They continue the Promita, Bonafide and Sporthorse supplements once the foal is born, initially in the mare’s daily nutrition and via her milk, then later on, in the feed given to the weaned foal.  The Mitavite Promita balances the chaff and hay nutrition which form the basis of their feeding program. 




Favourite feed and supplements: