Stephen Halfpenny

Steve Halfpenny is a horseman, award-winning film-maker,
Equitana Australia presenter and #1 best-selling author. He is the founder of Light Hands Equitation and senior judge at Light Hands Dressage.

Steve travels extensively helping people and horses around
the world delivering clinics in Australia, NZ, UK and Ireland and through his online training programs.

His specialist style of training is not discipline specific and can easily be applied to any form of riding and has proven that with the right training, any horse can be a relaxed and willing riding partner.

Riding discipline:


Top achievements:

The Way Of The Horse competition at Melbourne EQUITANA 2010

Competing in the Appaloosa State Championship 1992

Favourite feed and supplements:

competition horses

Gandalf (Colrando Royal Chex)

16.1hh Palomino Quarter Horse, 2003

Sheri (Colrando Sherilee Morn)

15.1hh Palomino Quarter Horse, 2009