Horse Weight Calculator

Estimate the weight of your horse with our quick calculator

The weight of your horse serves as a basic guide to determine feeding requirements and to make observations about your horse’s health and condition. Weighing your horse on a scale is the most accurate way to determine your horse’s weight. The Hygain Horse Weight Calculator offers a simple method to estimate your horse’s weight. Measure your horse’s heart girth and body length as shown on the illustrations and enter the numbers in the indicated fields below.


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Step 1: Measure your horses hearth girth

Measure your horse’s heart girth (circumference) by running the tape measure all the way around your horse 10cm (4″) behind it’s front legs.

Step 2: Measure your horses body length

Measure your horse’s body length from the point of the shoulder to the point of the buttock in a straight line.

Hygain Horse Weight Calculator is intended as a weight estimation tool only and does not take different horse body types into account.

Hy Gain Feeds Pty Ltd is not responsible for any inaccuracy in the estimation of your horse's weight or issues arising from the use/misuse of this online tool.